Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mixtape of the week: Little things I should have said and done

1- Next Time Passions- "Win The Universe".
2- Zebra Hunt - "Fill Me With Ease".
3- Desperate Journalist - "Be Kind".
4- Twinkle Twinkles - "Merry Go Round".
5- A Certain Smile - "Leisure Class".
6- C is for Carlo - "Qualify".
7- Local Pavlov - "Cornfed".
8- Terry vs. Tori - "Wapebearer".
9- Small Imperfections - "If You Are My Tammy I Can Be Your George".

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Indie finding: Aldous Harding by Aldous Harding (2017)

Indie finding: Big Domino Vortex by Human Colonies (2017)

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